Welcome to Acee The Firm Foundation

(202) 670-2441

Welcome to Acee The Firm Foundation

(202) 670-2441

2019 is the year of Transition and Transformation!


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Transforming lives, starting with the mind

Women's Empowerment and Community Enrichment.

Our Mission  

We encourage women and children in the inner city communities to think higher of themselves, higher of their families and higher of their communities through innovative programs which transform their lives.


Our Core Programs   

Spiritual Development 

Personal Development 

Professional Development 

Educational Development 

Community Development

Higher thinking is Exciting and Freeing


We provide women and children an alternate way of thinking. Giving them a place to go to get the help they need. Helping women and children to see beyond their physical, mental and emotional limitations. We provide workshops, entertainment, education and more. We use numerous tools that will assist us in transforming how women and children perceive their selves, their family and their community.

Think like a King & Queen


If you want a throne you have to first know what it is like to be royal. We pull talent from the community and help everyone discover their gifts. We utilize If you can sing, dance, model and etc. Acee The Firm Foundation are helping women and children build legacy. Making a change in the community and giving hope to the hopeless.

Words From Gwyneth

Do you know yourself? Often times things happen in life that we surprise ourselves "I can't believe I did that" We are not going to always know everything, but wouldn’t it be great to know more about ourselves each day? It starts with our thinking. Discover what is the unpleasant about your thinking. Once you discover something, don’t beat yourself up. Get help to change. Believe it can change, trust God and surround yourself with people that can impact your change for the better. Let us help!

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Acee The Firm Foundation

(202) 670-2441